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Since approximately the last two decades, we are living in what may be known as “the Aesthetic Age”, so we shouldn’t be surprised to know that more than 70% of population is not satisfied with theirbody weight. This dissatisfaction is generally caused by the “modern” way of life in which we do not even have the time to eat a nutritious and balanced meal and we have to turn to the handy fast-food. An unbalanced diet together with the sedentarism permanently installed in urban population (recent studies demonstrated that present rates of sedentarism are 79.5% in men and 87.2% in women) this is showing to be the main causes that strongly contribute to a slow but constant bodyweight gain.

But weight gain is not only an aesthetic problem as obesity may reduce our quality of life and seriously affect our health. Day by day,overweight or obese people must fight against some inconveniences such as mobility reduction, breathing problems, sleeping problems,tiredness even without making any effort, etc.

For that reason and with the intention to help solving one of the most common problems in the world affecting thousands of people, Bodyview has developed SOLUSITAN®, a real innovation in the weight management field.


solusitanSOLUSITAN® is the exclusive, newest, all-natural, soluble fibre blend of Poly-D-Glucosamine + some other active ingredients specially developed by Bodyview. SOLUSITAN® raw material is standardized, meaning that we can guarantee you constant quality and absolutely odourless and tasteless, unlike other Poly-D-Glucosamine that are on the market.

For SOLUSITAN® production we use a first quality-refined Poly-D-Glucosamine together with other proprietary ingredients that enhance Poly-D-Glucosamine action. This special resulting blend enables SOLUSITAN® to outbind significantly more fat compared to conventional Poly-D-Glucosamine.

The processing method that allows us to obtain such special Poly-D-Glucosamine blend is not as simple as one can think. Apart from using the highest quality raw materials, our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology available. These two points have permitted us to obtain the best Poly-D-Glucosamine based product in market concerning weight management.

Now, we have put together our experience, our know-how and our excitement in order to offer you the best material ever developed (clinically tested) regarding healthy weight control.

SOLUSITAN® will help you to take your weight control product to the top


Poly-D-Glucosamine SourcePoly-D-Glucosamine is derived from chitin, a polysaccharide extracted from recycled crab and shrimp shells.

Poly-D-Glucosamine is a dietetic fibre that binds to fat molecules before they are metabolised. Poly-D-Glucosamine traps fat molecules and prevent their absorption in the digestive tract. This means that Poly-D-Glucosamine binds an important part of the fat naturally found in food before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. There are no calories in Poly-D-Glucosamine since it is not digestible.


Poly-D-Glucosamine SourceDuring the last decade, Poly-D-Glucosamine has been introduced as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity.

The Poly-D-Glucosamine action mechanism is very simple and easy to understand. It is generally assumed that Poly-D-Glucosamine positively charged amino-groups are interacting with carboxyl groups of fatty acids, creating complexes resistant to the action of lipases and possibly leaving the digestive tract in non-digested form.

The other mechanism even considered as more important in connection with obesity is the action of Poly-D-Glucosamine to create emulsion with fats.

In the stomach, Poly-D-Glucosamine is present in soluble form and fat droplets are entrapped in the Poly-D-Glucosamine fibres structural net.

In the more alkaline milieu in the lower part of the digestive tract, the Poly-D-Glucosamine is getting insoluble and entraps fat droplets non-available later for the action of lipase.The non-digested fat is thus leaving digestive tract nonabsorbed. In other easier words, Poly-D-Glucosamine has a strong positive (+) magnetic charge (it is the only natural occurring dietary fibre positively loaded) while fat molecules are negatively (-) loaded. The positively loaded SOLUSITAN® binds the negatively charged fat molecules in exactly the same way as a sponge absorbs water. The result of the fat binding is a large mass, which the body cannot absorb, being then eliminated (excreted) in a totally natural way.


The clinical research done on this raw material upon Nutritional request showed that SOLUSITAN® offers improved performance beyond ordinary Poly-D-Glucosamine or ordinary Poly-D-Glucosamine based products.

The real benefit of SOLUSITAN®’s incredible results is the addition of a specific mixture of ingredients in formulation, which act synergistically and intensify the fat binding effect of SOLUSITAN®, resulting a unique and exclusive blend.
This combination of Poly-D-Glucosamine + other ingredients is really effective and the results can be even enhanced if the product isprepared in an effervescent form. The main reason is because the addition of water leads to a faster and evidentially stronger electrostatical loading of the product. In the digestive tract, a good quality Poly-D-Glucosamine can bind up to 7-8 times its own weight in fat while our special SOLUSITAN® blend can absorb over 14 times its own weight in fat. In addition to its extraordinary fat binding ability, we can guarantee that SOLUSITAN® will NOT interfere in the absorption ofthe essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Thus, we can conclude that SOLUSITAN® is the most effective, powerful and innovative Poly-D-Glucosamine blend in the market today.


We have developed many nutritional supplements for weight control, but our best product includes SOLUSITAN® . Obviously, in order to obtain the desired results these products must be taken in conjunction with a low calorie diet and regular exercise. At the moment we only have produced effervescent tablets, so other products that claims to have SOLUSITAN® inside are counterfeits. PLEASE BE AWARE!

  • SOLUSITAN® in effervescent tablets for faster action

    SOLUSITAN® in conjunction with a balanced and appropriated diet
    stimulates weight lossing a healthy, quick an efficient way.

  • lineatabs contains Solusitan
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